How You Can HELP



Many of our friends have asked how they can help.  A contribution to the Steve’s Recovery Road Fund would be greatly appreciated.

At the time of Steve’s accident, he was in the midst of making major improvements in his home so it could be put on the market.  When it sold, he planned to move into the Wood Gormley School District so his daughters, Adeline and Cecilia, could attend what he considers to be the best elementary school in Santa Fe.  On the day of his accident, work had begun to remove the old roof and install a new one.  New windows had been ordered and new stucco was scheduled to be installed after the window installation.  There was no turning back so the work was continued and was completed.

images-3After the accident, our plans obviously changed and we hoped that Steve would recover and be able to return to his home.  The house needed to be made handicapped accessible.  A new accessible kitchenette was installed and the master bath  was torn out and an accessible bathroom was constructed.  Doors had to be widened and numerous other change had to be made.

Adeline and Cecilia were in La Mariposa Montessori School with three months tuition remaining to be paid in addition to his mortgage and all the other normal recurring expenses.  In November, Steve’s medicaid benefits were discontinued.   As a result, he had to obtain medical insurance and is responsible for the premiums as well as uncovered medical expenses.  We recently purchased a Chair Topper (see the video below) which has allowed Steve to be much more independent. We are considering the purchase of a standing frame so he can do more weight bearing exercises.  One requirement for acceptance into upcoming clinical trials is that he can stand for a minimum of one hour.  Steve was an expert downhill skier and a biker.  Obtaining specialized equipment so he can participate in these activities again are on his wish list.

Steve had no income from the accident in April 2012 for 7 months.  He received his first Social security disability payment in November 2012.  The amount of his disability is a small fraction of his previous earnings and he is concerned about his ability to pay his mortgage and other expenses so he can stay in his home.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

ChairTopperSteve from Ralph Pattelena on Vimeo.