Steve’s Thank You!

A Thank you from Steve – April 10,2013

Steve & MyokoIt has been a long road to travel this year. When I first woke up from the coma, I did not know what happened and why I was in the hospital. When I was told I was in a car accident, had a complete spinal cord injury and would not be able to walk, I was in shock. I was scared, angry and overcome with every imaginable emotion. My mind would not stop thinking about everything that would change.

The only consolation for me was having my family and friends at my bedside. The words of hope and love from my mother and father, my wife and my sisters brought me through the darkest places. I know that I have endured this tragedy because the collective thoughts and prayers generated by all of my family near and far, close friends, my parents’ friends, the real estate community and others.

It is awful being in this condition as it is front and center in every task I perform each day. But, it has given me much time to think and realize how blessed I am to be alive and how many things I took for granted before the accident. I am thankful that my wife, kids and I are back living harmoniously together. I am thankful that I have and take more time to spend with my children. I have learned to cherish moments like never before. I am thankful for the constant love and support from my wife Myoko who works two jobs, takes care of the kids, our home and most of all me.

I am thankful for Alex and Nina, Cara and David and their families. Myoko and I cherish our relationship that is like family to us. TheIMG_1241 Caracciolos and family, thank you for your prayers, they mean so much to me.  Anne & David, Garfield & Marcia, Will, Jen and Ramona: a heartfelt thank you for your close friendship and support.

The true change in my life now is not that I cannot walk; but that my family is back together and we are learning to live with respect for one anothers emotions and create a space for all of us to grow. Our children have thrived since we have given each other the love and respect we deserve. I feel blessed and thankful to God I am alive.

Peace & Love, Steve

 The following are excepts from Steve’s first communications to the “outside world” from his hospital bed in the ICU/CCU, and some that followed from the subsequent rehabilitation hospitals..

Facebook Post – July 3, 2012 – 1st Post from Steve – This is me Steve saying hello and thanks to all of the friends who have followed Diane’s posts of this process. I am not a facebook kinda person, but want to make a contact to state how moved I am by the immense amount of support I have received. I truly am blessed to have each and every prayer and positive thought that I have received. I am thankful and grateful to feel so loved, it has given me strength to get through. It has been a serious emotional and physical challenge, but everyday I feel blessed to be alive. I know I came close to the other side and respect that. Regardless of my disability, I still have a sound mind, use of my arms and the ability to have a full life. My respiratory issues are getting better and I am looking forward to rehab so I can strengthen my body and be as self sufficient as possible. This situation has led me to want to make positive changes and to spend more quality time with my family and friends. If there is one thing I was taught by my family, it is to get right back up when you have fallen. I am ready for this new chapter. I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers, it has given strength to survive what was hell at times.  I am so thankful I am healing and feeling better now.  I know I am fortunate to be alive and will keep that spirit with me forever…Peace and love to all — Steve

DSCN0171Facebook Post  from Steve #2 – July 7, 2012 – Steve signing in again… I am moved by all of your responses which give me strength during this extended hospital stay. Great to hear from the Caracciolos. I remember growing up with my extended family and the faith we had in the Lord. Grandma Pattelena taught us strength through faith and her way of being has helped me get through this ordeal. I would like to recognize my extended family and express how much they mean to me even though we aren’t in touch.

I would like to thank all of my family and friends but especially my sister Diane who has been here from the beginning and at my bedside during the hardest times.

In the past week I have made a lot of progress by getting off oxygen, having my trach tube removed, and eating solid foods. My struggle now is healing a wound caused by being in bed for months. This is a real struggle because it can’t be healed quickly and I might have to spend another month in bed healing before starting rehab. I feel I am ready for rehab and can feel frustrated about sitting on my ass for another month in the hospital. I am thankful for the amount of progress that has happened and I need to keep patient while I work to get back home.

Thank you for keeping prayers and faith going. It will keep me grounded through these hard times. See you in a few days, lots of love!  Steve

Facebook Post from Steve #3 – July 15, 2012 –  This is me, Steve checking in again. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received. I now am coming to realization how close to death I was. I believe that the collective support I have received let God know I need this second chance and the support is what initially brought me back to life. I am grateful and humbled by it. I want to recognize my love Myoko for coming to my side through these hardest of times. The connection we have made is on a different level than the past and I am amazed at the depth of love we share.

On a lighter note, it’s weird getting up every day and not being able to just move. The basic ways of my physical life I took for granted areDSCN0210 tough going. The beauty is that my mind is still strong and I have such great support that I know I can live a full life again. This next week I will be going to rehab, and building my strength so I can be more independent. I am really looking forward to this next step. I cant wait to gain enough strength so I can take care of myself and not be so dependent. I am a lucky man to still roll on this land.

Peace and love to all and thanks to God.   Steve